Director's Message

Founded in 1954, the Institute of Coal Chemistry (ICC) is among which constitutes the energy and environment research in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Oriented by scientific innovation and industrialization of high-techs, ICC has conducted comprehensive R&D work on clean-coal technologies based on China’s own circumstances, thereby contributing to the country’s energy security and sustainable development. With the establishment of a mature system from fundamental and applied research to process development and, finally, towards industrialization, ICC has made itself one of the core research bodies in China’s clean coal technology sector. Meanwhile, ICC has made remarkable headway in advanced materials, green chemistry and chemical engineering as well.

China is implementing the significant strategy of building the national innovation system and turning itself into an innovation-oriented country. ICC has thus entered into a new era of development. But severe challenges exist along with opportunities. After more than fifty years of growth and especially after several years of innovation practice, although the ICC’s innovation capability has been raised substantially, we are consciously aware of that only through constant innovation can we maintain a competitive edge.

ICC is also working hard on building managerial and cultural systems which conform to scientific and technological innovation. ICC’s organizational motto is: love the institute and respect work, seek truth from facts and be practical, aspire after innovation and make progress through team work. ICC dedicates itself to contributing to the national innovation system and high-tech industries.

Support from the country’s relative ministries and commissions and fraternal institutions is indispensable to ICC’s development. We wish to promote the cooperation with research institutes, universities and enterprises, both domestic and international; and sincerely welcome scientists with shared interests to conduct joint research programs in ICC.