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Recruitment notice for high-level talents of Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nov 07,2022

The Institute of Coal Chemistry (ICC) is a high-tech R&D institute affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). ICC conducts basic and applied research primarily in the fields of energy and environment, advanced materials, and green chemistry.

ICC’s strategic and farsighted research aims to optimize coal use as well as commercialize new and high technologies in its three core research areas. In the process, ICC seeks to develop quality talent, help the nation meet its energy needs and promote sustainable development.

Headquartered in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, ICC has four national-level R&D units: the State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion, the State Engineering Laboratory of Indirect Coal Liquefaction, the State Engineering Laboratory of Carbon Fiber Preparation and the Shanxi International Research Center of Coal Chemical Engineering and Technology. It also is home to the CAS Key Laboratory of Carbon Materials and the provincial-level Engineering Research Center for Pulverized Coal Gasification. In addition, ICC has a sound support system comprising its Strategy Study and Engineering Consulting Center, Chemical Engineering Process Design Center, Environmental Impact Assessment Center, Analytical Instrumentation Center and Literature and Computer Network Center.

ICC has made outstanding contributions to the research, development, and industrialization of national clean energy and advanced material technology, as well as national economic construction and scientific and technological development in various historical periods. It will continue to focus on optimizing the talent team, take the implementation of major projects as the traction, deeply implement the "first action plan", and actively play the leading and exemplary role of national scientific research institutions in the construction of the national innovation system. According to the needs of scientific research development, we are recruiting excellent talents at home and abroad to create a brilliant future.

Recruitment fields and directions

Clean coal conversion, new carbon-based materials and energy storage, hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells, waste resource utilization, carbon emission reduction, and other related fields.

Positions and requirements

Abide by the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and relevant laws and regulations.

Abide by academic ethics, decent study style, honest and trustworthy, rigorous study.

Willing to take a long-term position in ICC and be in good health.

I. High-level talents category A

i. Position Requirements:

Be able to achieve the senior title level of excellent academic and technical leader in our institute. Have extensive international academic impact in the discipline or hold key and core technologies, be able to accurately grasp the dynamics and development direction of the discipline, and have scientific and technological leadership and team organization ability.

Have experience as a professor or equivalent positions in well-known research institutions, universities or large enterprises. Work experience requirement for overseas applicants with exceptional merit may be relaxed to associate professor or equivalent experience.

ii. Welfare and salary:

(a) Appointed as a researcher;

(b) Research start-up funds and one-time relocation subsidy is subject to a case-by-case basis;

(c) Agreed remuneration implementable;

(d) Provide preferential support in scientific research conditions, staffing and graduate student enrollment;

(e) Coordinate and solve children's enrollment and other resettlement issues;

(f) Assist in applying for various national, CAS, and local talent programs.

II. High-level talents category B

i. Position Requirements:

Hold a doctoral degree, have excellent scientific and technological innovation potential, have independent work and good teamwork ability, under the age of 40.

Have at least 3 consecutive years (including) of scientific research experience in well-known scientific research institutions, universities or large enterprises after obtaining the doctoral degree, or have experience as an associate professor or equivalent positions. The overseas working years can be relaxed for those who have obtained doctoral degree overseas with exceptional merit.

ii. Welfare and salary:

(a) Appointed as a researcher;

(b) Offer competitive and negotiable salary;

(c) Provide 4 million yuan of research start-up funds;

(d) Give preferential support in scientific research conditions, staffing, and graduate student enrollment;

(e) Coordinate and solve children's enrollment and other resettlement issues;

(f) One-time relocation subsidy of 400,000 to 1 million yuan;

(g) Assist in applying for various national, CAS, and local talent programs;

(h) Fully support qualified talents to apply for the "National Natural Science Foundation of China Excellent Youth Science Foundation (Overseas) Project.

Requirements for application materials

Please send your resume, representative achievement documents, and work plan to

This recruitment is effective for a long time and carried out throughout the year.

Contact information

Contact: Personnel and Education Department, Mrs. Chen and Mr. Wang

Tel.: (86)351-4040493-802


Address: 27 South Taoyuan Road, 030001, Taiyuan, P.R.China