Zhu Yulei

  • Education:Ph.D
  • Phone:(86)13073561497
  • Professional:Professor
  • Address:27 South Taoyuan Road, 030001,Taiyuan, P.R.China


    Yulei Zhu is Professor of Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SXICC-CAS). He received his MS. and Ph.D. from SXICC-CAS in 1990 and 2004. During 2005.12 to 2007.02, he worked as a senior visiting scholar in Monash University (Australia). The scope of his research interesting is biomass refinery and platform molecule conversion. He is first author or corresponding author of over 70 peer-reviewed papers in ACS Catalysis, Chemical Communications, Journal Catalysis, Green Chemistry and Applied Catalysis B. As project leader or main investigators, Professor Zhu has completed several projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China, the National High Technology Research and Development Program, and the Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program) (No. 2012CB215305). In 2005, he was award to the Science and Technology Invention Award (2nd grand) of China Government, due to the achievement in “the Study and Application on Synthesis of ?-butyrolactone and 2-methylfuran by coupling method”. He is the winner of the Natural Science Award (2nd grand, in 2013) and Science and Technology Award (2nd grand, in 2004) of Shanxi Province Government.


    Prof. Yulei Zhu’s research interests main include catalytic hydrogenation reaction process for furfural and maleic anhydride derivatives, diol dehydrogenation to fine chemicals. In catalytic mechanism, his group comprehensively studied that the catalytic preparation, structure, surface acidity of Cu- and Ni-based catalysts, industrial catalyst preparation engineering and catalytic reaction kinetics on both fine chemical synthesis and fuels for the industrial process development of the conversion of biomass-derived saccharides to oxygen-containing fuels.