Development of medium/low temperature denitrification catalyst and industrial application technology" passed the certification for scientific and technological achievements of CPCIA

Nov 08,2022

On April 20th, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) organized a video appraisal meeting on scientific and technological achievements of "Development of medium/low temperature denitrification catalyst and industrial application technology". The technology was jointly completed by the Institute of Coal Chemistry (ICC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Taiyuan University of Technology, the Hubei Siboying Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the Shanxi Liheng Coking Co., Ltd. and the Shanxi Yaxin New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The appraisal committee are composed of seven experts, including Xie Kechang, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Cheng Fangqin, the vice president of the Shanxi University, Liu Youzhi, the professor of the North University of China, Shi Fufu, the Chief Engineer of Saiding Engineering Co., Ltd., Shen Meiqing, the professor of the Tianjin University, Xing Yi, the professor of the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Wang Lidong, the professor of the North China Electric Power University. Zhao Ming and Xing Xuejian, the director and the manager of the Science and Technology Project Department of CPCIA, attended this meeting as the organizer. More than 20 people attended the meeting, including Fang Yitian, the director of ICC CAS, Chen He, the deputy director of the Science and Technology Development Department of ICC CAS, Huang Zhanggen, the leader of the 309 project, and his team members, Wang Jiancheng, the professor of the Taiyuan University of Technology, Huang Jian, the chairman of Hubei Siboying Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Hou Qihu, the chief engineer of Shanxi Liheng Coking Co., Ltd., and Xie Hongsong, the general manager of the Shanxi Yaxin New Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Xie Kechang was appointed as the director of the appraisal committee and held the meeting.

Fang Yitian gave a speech first, and then Huang Zhanggen, on behalf of the project team, reported the organization and implementation, development process, application and promotion, and technical achievements of "Development of medium/low temperature denitrification catalyst and industrial application technology". This technology has developed a new generation of environment-friendly medium and low temperature iron-based denitration catalyst through the innovation of catalyst preparation method. Under the conditions of low temperature, sulfur and water, its denitration activity is ≥90%, selectivity is ≥95%, continuous and stable operation is more than 1 year, and expected life is more than 3 years. Besides, a catalyst production line has been built with the production of 12000m3 per year. And it has been applied in 31 sets of units such as coke ovens, sintering pellets and industrial kilns. The transformation and application of technical achievements have created direct and indirect economic benefits for enterprises totaling 2.1 billion yuan, with significant economic and environmental benefits. At the same time, this achievement has been granted 3 invention patents, published 10 papers and formed 2 process packages.

The experts of the appraisal committee listened to the work report, research report, novelty search report, application and promotion made by the completion unit, and reviewed the relevant technical data. After inquiry and discussion, experts agreed that this technology is expected to solve the bottleneck problem that plagues the ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides from steel and coking flue gas in China's non electric industry, and realize the greening of catalyst raw materials and the localization of reaction processes. This technological achievements are highly innovative, with independent intellectual property rights, and have reached the international advanced level as a whole. It is suggested to accelerate the popularization and application of the new generation of medium and low temperature denitration catalyst and denitration technology.

The research and development of this technology was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China through the project "Research on the oxidation behavior of NO in low-temperature selective catalytic reduction denitration" (21106174), the Department of Science and Technology of Shanxi Province through the key research and development project "Wide temperature SCR denitration technology" (201703D111018), the Shanxi province through the emerging industry leading talent project "Research on medium and low temperature flue gas denitration catalyst" (Y9SW9T3901) and the Hubei Siboying Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Through the enterprise cooperation project "Research and development of iron based catalyst and production technology for medium and low temperature flue gas denitration" (Y9WT931391).