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ICC has a staff of 529 and among them 141 senior scientists. Of the senior scientists, 46 are research professors and 70.2% aged below 45. Seven staff members are listed in the Hundred Talents Project of CAS or Overseas Distinguished Talents Program. Two staff members enjoy the Nation’s Distinguished Youth Funds. There is a senior CAS academician with ICC.

ICC is one of the doctorate and master degree conferring institutions authorized by the State Council. There is a postdoctoral mobile station in the specialty of chemistry. ICC confers doctorate in four specialties such as materials science, industrial catalysis, physical chemistry and chemical technics, with the latter two being key subjects of Shanxi Province. Master’s degrees are conferred in organic chemistry, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical technics, materials science and industrial catalysis. Cumulatively, 526 doctoral candidates and 695 master degree candidates have been enrolled since 1981, some of them having won various awards for their achievements in ICC.


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