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R&D Progress
Research of Nuclear Graphite for Thorium-based Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR) Made Major Progress 2016-07-12
Single-tube Test for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol Finished in ICC 2016-06-17
New Progress in Controllable Degradation of Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Composites Field 2015-09-08
Progress in Synthesis and Application of New Functional Nanomaterials by Atomic Layer Deposition Achieved 2015-05-22
Progress in Molybdenum Nitride-based Hydrogenation Catalyst Achieved 2015-04-09
1000 t/a Pilot Plant for Indirect Production of DMC from Urea Successfully Operated 2014-12-11
New achievement on graphene based lateral heat spreaders in ICC-CAS 2014-08-14
MTG Catalysts Developed by ICC Successfully Used on 20,0000 t/y Plant 2014-05-19
Environment-benign catalyst for methanol steam reforming to hydrogen realizes industrial application 2013-11-26
ICC Successfully Developed Durene Conversion Catalyst 2013-05-17
Novel Catalyst and Its Matching Process Technology for Mixed Alcohol Synthesis via Syngas 2012-12-25
Ash Agglomerating Fluidized Bed Pulverized Inferior Anthracite Gasification Development and Industrial Demonstration Project 2012-12-25
2000h Steady Test of Preparing Decalin from Naphthalene Implemented 2012-11-10
Novel Catalyst for Producing 1,2-cyclohexanedicarboxylic Esters from Phthalates 2012-11-10
Breakthrough in mechanism of promoter in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis 2011-10-21
Breakthrough in preparation of clean fuel oil by catalytic hydrogenation of coal tar 2011-10-21
Successful Start-up of Industrial Hexane Oil Plant in Luoyang 2010-12-16
Ten Thousand-ton Co-based Fixed Bed Synthetic Oil Technology Passed Achievement Appraisal 2010-11-29
Karamay 30,000 t/a Vegetable Oil Solvent Extraction Plant Successfully Put into Operation 2010-11-17
Test run of catalytic reaction and distillation plant of γ-butyrolactone in 4000 t/y achieves success 2009-07-28
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