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Shanxi Provincial Party Secretary Yuan Chunqing visits ICC
Update time: 2010-07-15
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July 14, Yuan Chunqing, Provincial Party Secretary of Shanxi and other provincial leaders visited ICC.
Accompanied by Professor Jianguo Wang, director of ICC, Yuan Chunqing visited the State Key Laboratory and the exhibition room of scientific and technological achievements.

Yuan Chunqing pointed out that, as a base of coal, energy and heavy chemical industry, Shanxi Province must vigorously develop modern coal chemical industry to achieve restructuring and sustainable development. This development should take enterprises as the mainbody, technology and policy as supporting systems. He said that coal is not only a kind of energy resources, but also a carbon resource. Human’s understanding of coal is far from enough, and there are still many technological issues we need to crack. He suggested that in the development of coal chemical industry, the universities, enterprises, research institutes should form technology alliances and establish joint meeting mechanism to solve the scientific and industrial problems encountered. All the parties should pull together and make new and greater contributions to the goal of constructing Shanxi a modern coal-based industrial province.

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