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First Circular and Call for Papers--The 12th Japan- China Symposium on Coal and C1 Chemistry
Update time: 2013-05-23
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First Circular and Call for Papers

The 12th Japan- China Symposium on Coal and C1 Chemistry

Sponsored by

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Chinese Academy of Sciences

October28–November 1, 2013

Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan



Call for Papers:

The organizing committee of the 12th China-Japan Symposium cordially invites all colleagues who are active and interested in the fields listed below. The deadline for submission of the extended abstract for the proceedings (A4 paper, 2 pages, in specific format) and the Pre-registration Form areJune30, 2013.

Scientific Sessions:

(1)   Coal science

(2)   Preparation, pyrolysis and liquefaction

(3)   Gasification, combustion

(4)   C1 chemistry and technologies

(5)   Synthetic natural gas

(6)   Biomass thermal conversion

(7)   CCS and emission control

(8)   Carbon materials and other related topics

Working Language: English

Organizing Committee:

Co-Chairmen: Kouichi Miura (Kyoto University) and Jianguo Wang (Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)

Secretaries: AtsushiIshihara (Mie University) and Yizhuo Han (Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)

Japanese Organizing Committee Members:

Kouichi Miura (Kyoto University)

Yoshitaka Tokushita (Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-POWER) )

Akira Tomita (TohokuUniversity)

Takayuki Takarada (Gunma University)

Toshimasa Takanohashi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Tetsuo Shikata (Babcock-Hitachi K. K. )

Masahiro Sanui (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co. Ltd.)

Seiji Nomura (Nippon Steel & SumitomoMetal Co. Ltd.)

Takashi Ando (Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd. )

Atsushi Ishihara (Mie University)

Takashi Kuwahara (Tokyo Electric Power Co. Ltd. )

Tadatoshi Chiba (Hokkaido University)

Atsushi Tsutsumi (University of Tokyo)

Ichiro Naruse (NagoyaUniversity)

Takao Hashimoto (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd)

Masayuki Horio (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Hisao Makino (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

Isao Mochida (Kyushu University)

Toshiaki Kabe (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

Masakatsu Nomura (Osaka University)

Kaoru Fujimoto (University of Kitakyushu)

Chinese Organizing Committee Members:

Jicheng Bi (Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)

Weibin Fan (Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)

Yitian Fang (Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)

Haoquan Hu (Dalian University of Technology)

Wei Huang (Taiyuan University of Technology)

Hanxu Li (Anhui University of Technology)

Wen Li (Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)

Zhenyu Liu (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

Zhongmin Liu (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS)

Zhongyang Luo (Zhejiang University)

Qinggang Lv (Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, CAS)

Xiaoxun Ma (Northwest University)

Jieshan Qiu (Dalian University of Technology)

Wenjie Shen (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS)

Hengfu Shui (Anhui University of Technology)

Yuhan Sun (Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS)

Fuchen Wang (East China University of Science and Technology)

Xianyong Wei (China University of Mining and Technology)

Chuangzhi Wu (Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS)

Jinhu Wu (Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, CAS)

Chungu Xia (Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS)

Guangwen Xu (Institute of Process Engineering, CAS)

Junying Zhang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

² CAS-Chinese Academy Sciences

Registration Fee:

The fee covers the scientific sessions, proceedings, welcome party, banquet, all meals and post symposium programs.

35000 JPY: Regular attendees (10000JPY=600RMB, May 20, 2013)

20000 JPY: Students

15000JPY: Accompanying persons (This fee covers all expenses excluded the scientific sessions and proceedings.)


The organizing committee will arrange the hotel room reservation for the participants. The room charge and hotel information will be informed in the second circular.

Post Symposium Programs:

For registered participants, the post symposium programs will be free of charge.

Nov. 1 (Friday): Technical tour to the EAGLE project and Museum for Coal and History.

Second Circular:

Further information about the symposium schedule, presentation time, location of hotel, transportation, payment of registration fee, technical tour and others will be mailed to those who submit the preliminary registration form.

Publication of the selected papers:

Following the previous practice, the selected papers will be published in a special issue of Fuel Processing Technology.

Preliminary Registration Form:

Complete the details of the attached Preliminary Registration Form for each presentation and send it to

Prof. AtsushiIshihara (Japanese side and overseas)

E-mail: ishihara@chem.mie-u.ac.jp

Phone: +81-59-231-9434

Fax: +81-59-231-9436

Division of Chemistry for Materials, Graduate School of Engineering,Mie University

1577 Kurima Machiya-Cho, Tsu-City, Mie514-8507, JAPAN

Dr. Yizhuo Han (Chinese side)
E-mail: hanyz@sxicc.ac.cn
Phone: +86-138-0346-2352, Fax: +86-351-4050320
Address: Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
P. O. Box 165, Taiyuan, Shanxi, 030001, China

Key Dates:

May17, 2013:   First Circular/Call for Papers

Jun. 30, 2013:   Pre-registration Form and Extended Abstract, 2 pages in specificformat (MS/Word file)

Aug.31, 2013:   Final Program

Oct. 28, 2013:   On-site registration, 18:00 Reception at Fukuoka Recent Hotel

Oct. 29, 2013:    Symposium, Dinner

Oct. 30, 2013:    Symposium, Banquet at Fukuoka Recent Hotel

Oct. 31, 2013:    Sekitan Kagaku Kaigi (日本石炭科学会议,in Japanese)

Nov.1, 2013:    Postsymposium activities

               Participants may attend all the programs in the period Oct. 28-Nov. 1. 

Dec. 31, 2013:   Deadline for full paper submission to the special issue of Fuel Processing Technology

example of extended abstract.doc
Preliminary Registration Form.doc
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