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Participants of the forefront of the International Energy Forum visit Institute of Coal Chemistry
Update time: 2009-09-25
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  On April 20-21, The Energy forefront International Forum with "carbon conversion" as the theme was held in Langfang, Hebei Province. The forum seeks to further advance the energy industry progress and the harmonious development of energy and climate, through in-depth discussion and application of energy technology R&D. The forum was hosted by Energy forefront International (EFI) and organized by ENN Group - a domestic clean energy company. This is the first time for this Forum held in China since the establishment of EFI 30 years ago.

  EFI, which founded in 1980 and formerly is the US National Council on Synthetic Fuels Production, is an international organization composed of more than 50 energy companies. The members are from all continents, covering the world's largest oil, natural gas, coal and energy-related company or organization members. It is a professional platform of exchange of cutting-edge technology and industry information for the members. In recent years, the forum has been held in the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, South America, Netherlands, Venezuela and other places.

  Prof. Wang Jianguo, director of ICC, was invited as a plenary speaker to make a speech entitled "the latest clean coal technology progress in Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science". After the meeting, 42 participants visited ICC in the afternoon of April 23. Those guests are mainly from the United Kingdom BP, Dutch Shell, the South African Sasol, the French Air Liquide, Germany, Lurgi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the U.S. Department of Energy Department of the coal and energy research and development, and some experts are from the research institutes and energy companies.

  Prof. Li Wen, deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion, invited the guests to visit the chemical and energy pilot-plant base of ICC. He introduced the latest progress on coal utilization and clean energy in ICC, such as the pilot platform of syngas from coal gasification by ash agglomerating fluidized bed, and test platform Fe Fischer-Tropsch synthesis-based in kiloton scale, MTG test platform and one-tube test platform for the higher alcohols synthesis gas.  Mr. Christopher Kidder, president of EFI, expressed his thanks for the warm reception and spoke highly for the work done by ICC, and hope the opportunity to further exchanges and cooperation.






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