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2011 SGL Group Scholarship & Research Assistantship Award Ceremony held in ICC
Author: Song Yan
Update time: 2011-05-23
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The 3rd award ceremony of SGL Group scholarships and research assistantship was held on May 11th in 2011 in ICC. Dr. Guenter Hermann, Director and General Manager of SGL Group China, and Mr. Li Jingping, Vice-secretary of the CPC ICC Committee, attended the ceremony and expressed congratulations to the prize winners. Totally 6 excellent students shared the scholarship of 50,000 RMB, and 2 scientific researches related to carbon graphite material won the financial supports 50,000 RMB.

Dr. Guenter Hermann mentioned in his speech that due to the superior properties of the carbon material, it will be widely used in the field of urban construction and daily life such as new energy, transportation, lithium-ion battery, medical equipment and sports apparatus etc.. Carbon material shows great prospect in the future; by setting up scholarships, talented youth were encouraged to pursue innovative research and the development in carbon materials.

Mr. Li Jingping acknowledged the support of SGL Group on the training of young talent as well as high-tech transformation in the field of carbon material. He also hoped that young talents in ICC could persist in the research and development of carbon materials and make contributions to the improvement of the application of carbon materials in the low carbon economy in China.

(Song Yan)

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