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Associate Prof. Kaoru TAKEISHI of Shizuoka University Visits ICC
Author: Zhang Qingde
Update time: 2014-07-07
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Associate Professor Kaoru TAKEISHI of Shizuoka University,Japan, paid a visit to ICC on 30 June and gave a lecture entitled Clean fuel and energy for the 21st century, dimethyl ether (DME), and the catalyst for DME.
In the lecture, Associate Prof. TAKEISHI comprehensively illustrated the application prospect of DME as a source of clean fuel and energy for the 21st century, and especially, and the application of DME as hydrogen carrier in zero emission power generation and fuel cell vehicles, as well as his work on DME synthesis catalyst and hydrogen production through DME reforming.
During his stay at ICC, Associate Professor TAKEISHI also had in-depth discussions with the researchers of State Key Lab of Coal Conversion (SKLCC) on the research of slurry-bed DME synthesis, bio-syngas conversion to DME and DME oxidation. 
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