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Carbon Dioxide Dry Reforming of Methane for Syngas Production
Author: Li Jingping
Update time: 2014-12-05
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Carbon dioxide reforming of methane (CRM), also known as dry reforming of methane (DRM), which consumes CO2 and CH4 and produces H2 and CO, not only achieves high-efficient utilization of CO2 and CH4 which are two major greenhouse gases contributing to global warming, but also obtains tunable H2/CO molar ratio by introducing O2 or H2O. This process is very significant for the development of natural gas, coal bed gas and coal chemical industry in China.

Research results
Mesoporous NiCaZr catalyst with high catalytic activity and excellent catalytic stability for carbon dioxide reforming of methane was prepared with proper basic site, oxygen vacancy, strong metal-support interaction and “confinement effect” of the mesoporous structure which prevent Ni particles from sintering during reaction. The mesoporous NiCaZr catalyst showed high activity and stability. On the basis of highly endothermic reaction process, ICC has designed and built an efficient adiabatic reactor for pilot-scale platform.

Application fields
Utilization of methane in coke-oven gas, conversion of natural gas and coal bed methane
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