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CO2 Capture
Author: Li Jingping
Update time: 2014-12-05
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China is one of the world’s largest emitter of CO2and Chinese government has recognized the huge challenge of CO2 abatement. In the light of this situation, on November, 2009, China officially announced action to control CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by 40–45% by 2020, based on 2005 levels, which was drawn into the national economy and mid-and-long term social development programme as the obligatory targets. CO2 capture technology is an important part of CO2 emission reduction, and also is an important solution to realize CO2 utilization. So, CO2 capture technology for flue gases from large CO2 sources including power plant, coal-fired boiler plant, iron and steel plant and lime factory is one of the key technologies.

Research result

ICC has successfully synthesized KMgAl and PEHA sorbents with the CO2 capture capacity of 2.3 and 4.8 mmol/g, respectively. The corresponding adsorption-desorption technology was also developed. These two sorbents have advantages of low adsorption- desorption temperature and stability for cyclic use. So far, more than 20 academic papers have been published, and 3 national invention patents have been granted. The pilot experiment of CO2 capture device for 250m3/h flue gases is being studied.

Application field

This technology can be widely used in CO2 capture for power plant flue gases, iron & steel metallurgical industry and coal-fired boiler exhaust gases, which favors greenhouse gases emission reduction and carbon resource utilization. 

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