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Synthesis of Propylene Carbonate(PC) from Urea and Propylene Glycol
Author: Li Jingping
Update time: 2014-12-05
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Introduction :
This process has many advantages, such as cheap and widely available raw materials, milder reaction conditions, easy separation of feeds and products. The by-product ammonia can be recycled to the synthesis of urea. At the same time, the whole process does not use or produce toxic, corrosive, flammable, and explosive material. It is really a "green" synthetic route of PC. As a result, the upgrading of the current technology for synthesis of dimethyl carbonate via transesterification can be realized. So the process has a good application prospect.


ICC studied the catalysts and reaction process for synthesis of propylene carbonate from urea and propylene glycol. Hundred ton pilot test was carried out. The results showed that the urea conversion was over 99%, the PC selectivity over 95%.  Now a 1000t/a pilot plant is under construction.

Application fields:

Dimethyl carbonate can be used as solvents, intermediate, electrolyte; In addition, Dimethyl carbonate can also be used as fuel additives.

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