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High-performance Carbon Fiber Preparation Technology
Author: Li Jingping
Update time: 2014-12-17
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The State Engineering Laboratory of Carbon Fiber Preparation (SELCFP) has a staff of 38, of which over 66% own post-graduate degrees. Since its foundation in 2005, SELCFP has undertaken 13 state-level R&D projects and 15 CAS or enterprise-entrusted projects. Series of carbon fibre products have been developed in cooperation with Jiangsu-based Sinofibers Technology CO. Ltd, Henan Yongmei Carbon Fibers CO. Ltd and Taiyuan Steel Group. 
Technology description: Dimethyl sulfoxide is used as solvent. Polyacrylonitrile precursor is produced after polymerization and spinning of acrylonitrile and other comonomer. Finally, Polyacrylonitrile fiber is prepared via pre-oxidation, carbonization and surface treatment. This technology features complex processes and high-precision equipment. ICC owns the IP rights in process development and key equipment design. Based on this technology, production lines for T300, T700 and T800 carbon fiber has been built and are stably operated.


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