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State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion (SKLCC)
Update time: 2009-06-01
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The State Key Laboratory of Coal Conversion (SKLCC) was founded in 1991 with a loan from the World Bank and was officially open in 1995 upon completion of the construction.

The primary mission of SKLCC is to provide core technology and solution for clean and efficient utilization of coal to meet the nation’s increasing demand for energy security and sustainable development of the economy and society. SKLCC conducts forefront, fundamental and applied research on coal conversion with emphasis on converting coal to transportation fuels, chemicals and materials, and solving environmental problems associated with coal utilization.

Since 1995, SKLCC has been responsible for a large number of projects from various national agencies, including Ministry of Science and Technology, Natural Science Foundation of China, and Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as from local government and enterprises. More than 710 papers have been published in peer reviewed international journals, and more than 250 Chinese patents have been authorized.

SKLCC has post graduate program, including doctoral programs in physical chemistry and chemical technology, and master programs in physical chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, chemical technology and materials science. There are 120 doctoral and 68 master students in 2008.

SKLCC has close relation with a number of international universities and institutions. It hosted the 10th International Conference on Coal Science, the 14th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference & Workshop, the 7th and 9th China-Japan Symposium on Coal and C1 Chemistry, the 7th China-Korea Workshop on Clean Energy Technology, and co-organized the 8th Japan-China Symposium on Coal and C1 Chemistry. Its senior members are currently on the positions of Editorial Board Member and principal Editor of Fuel.



Direct Coal Conversion

 The main work focuses on fundamentals in coal pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction, including transformation of coal constituents, co-processing of coal with low-value organic materials, coal conversion under mild conditions, catalysis and reaction engineering.


Indirect Coal Conversion and C1 Chemistry

 The main work focuses on reactions, catalysis and engineering in synthesis of diesel, gasoline, alcohols and ethers at laboratory and pilot plant scales. The attentions are paid on slurry phase synthesis, catalysis, reaction mechanism and kinetics, and reactor engineering.


Environmental Catalysis and Engineering

 The main work focuses on simultaneous removal of SOx, NOx and Hg from flue gas, emission control of S, N and trace elements during thermal treatments of coal, recycle of waste organic materials, and CO2 capture and utilization.


Theoretical Computation and Process Simulation

 The main work focuses on catalysis, reaction kinetics and engineering, adsorption and diffusion, hydrodynamics and transport phenomena, as well as process design and system integration, through theoretical computation and process simulation.


New Materials and New Processes

 The main work focuses on preparation, characterization and utilization of mesoporous materials, nano-materials, carbon materials and zeolites, as well as reactions under supercritical conditions and reaction coupling.



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