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Laboratory of Applied Catalysis and Green Chemical Engineering (LACGCE)
Update time: 2009-06-01
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    LACGCE copes with key scientific and technological problems in resource comprehensive utilization, non-pollution chemical engineering process, high value-added chemical products and their relative scopes, which meet the urgent need of the country and enterprises. Emphasis is put on the comprehensive utilization of CO2, green processing of oils including petroleum products and coal tar products, high value-added fine chemical engineering, new polyurethane materials and nano-materials.
    In the scope of green processing and refining, the hydrogenation catalyst and processes for reforming raffinate oil and generation oil has been used in more than ten large and medium petrochemical enterprises throughout the country and has cumulatively made over 1 billion Yuan profits.
    In the scope of CO2 comprehensive utilization and non-phosgene synthesis, production chain for direct or indirect synthesis of various organic esters and isocyanic esters from CO2 has been developed. Meanwhile, research on substituting green chemical feed stock for phosgene in synthesis of organic chemicals and research on clean production of polyester carbonate, polyurethane and nano-materials are carried out.

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