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Ten Thousand-ton Co-based Fixed Bed Synthetic Oil Technology Passed Achievement Appraisal
Update time: 2010-11-29
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The Ten Thousand-ton Cobalt-based Fixed Bed Synthetic Oil Technology and Industrial Experiment Project has made breakthrough after years of research. The industrial side linetest was successfully carried out, and the catalyst achieved 2,000 hours steady running, the CO conversion rate sustained 85% and C5+ yield was above 85%, which reached the international advanced level.

This project was jointly supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Lu’an Coal Mining(Group) CO Ltd.

On November 15, the High-tech Bureau of CAS organized experts to appraise this project in Changzhi, Shanxi. After hearing and on-site inspection, it was concluded that:

With 22 national patents having been applied or authorized, a complete technological system has been formed. As the first of its kind in China, this cobalt-based demonstration plant for synthesis of oils from coal-based syngas(CTL) was continuously operated for more than 2000 hours, laying a solid foundation for further scale-up to 50-100 thousand t/a plants, which are expected to make significant economic and social benefits.

Development of coal-based clean fuel is an important part of the country’s alternative energy strategy. This achievement will play a positive and promoting role in ICC’s 12th Five Year Plan.

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