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2000h Steady Test of Preparing Decalin from Naphthalene Implemented
Update time: 2012-11-10
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A new 2-step process and catalyst, developed by 508 Group, ICC, for producing decalin from naphthalene completed 2000h test run.

Decalin is an excellent organic solvent with high boiling point, which can dissolve high molecular compound. Besides, Decalin is the best dehydrogenation and cracking endothermal fuel for hypersonic aircrafts and can be used as a hydrogen source for fuel-cell vehicle.  

China imports a large amount of decalin each year, and the high purity decalin is very expensive. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop ways of producing decalin by making full use of the country’s abundant naphthalene resource.

On the basis of fully recognizing the feedstock properties and reaction characteristics of naphthalene hydrogenation, 508 Group proposed a 2-step catalyzed hydrogenation process for preparing decalin from naphthalene and developed the relevant catalyst. This process successfully solved several key technic problems and the reaction pressure decreased to 3MPa from 5-10MPa. The 2000h stability test showed that the catalyst is of high activity and selectivity, and the naphthalene conversion rate and decalin selectivity both reaches 100%.

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