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Ash Agglomerating Fluidized Bed Pulverized Inferior Anthracite Gasification Development and Industrial Demonstration Project
Author: TENG Na
Update time: 2012-12-25
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Supported by Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group, the technology of ash agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasification developed by ICC was successfully applied in a 10 million ton methanol to gasoline (MTG) project in 2009. Through two years of efforts by both sides, the 0.6 MPa pressurized ash agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasification industrial technology has matured.
On April 2th, 2011, the appraising meeting of “ash agglomerating fluidized bed inferior smokeless pulverized coal gasification development and industrial demonstration” project was hold by the technology center of Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group in Taiyuan.
After careful discussion and evaluation, the appraisal panel agreed that this project has reached the international leading level by: 
-- providing a new approach to solve the problem of inferior smokeless coal gasification;
-- realizing continuous gasification of high ash melting point inferior coal by using ash agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasification technology  under low pressure of 0.6 MPa through steam activation and gasification, high temperature gasification in jet area, and extended solid retention period;
-- forming a complete process and a complete set of equipment for pressurized ash agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasification;
-- building up an integrated system of ash-agglomerating fluidized bed coal gasification and CFB combustion classific conversion, and realizing the optimization of system efficiency and low sulphur combustion of high sulfur coal, which has made the technical and economic index more reasonable.    

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