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Novel Catalyst and Its Matching Process Technology for Mixed Alcohol Synthesis via Syngas
Author: Fang Kegong
Update time: 2012-12-25
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Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a novel catalyst and its matching process technology for mixed alcohol synthesis via syngas. At the mild reaction conditions of 240-260℃, 4.0-6.0MPa and 2000-4000h-1, the pilot test has been stably run for more than 1200hrs. The catalytic performance of the novel CuFe-based catalyst used in this process displayed the leading level in China with CO conversion>80%, C2+selectivity>50% and space time yield of alcohol>0.23kg/kg.h.
Cooperating with Henan Coal Chemical Group and Shell, the R&D team excluded the traditionally rigorous reaction conditions with high temperature/pressure and noble metal, developed the mild technical route for highly value-added chemical alcohols and alternative alcohol fuel additive synthesis via syngas. Under the mild reactions of lower reaction pressure and temperature, the technology obtained the highly efficient low-carbon conversion of syngas with higher total alcohol yield and C2+ alcohol selectivity, exhibiting the industrial application potential to replace conventional methanol synthesis.
(Fang Kegong)
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