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MTG Catalysts Developed by ICC Successfully Used on 20,0000 t/y Plant
Author: Li Jingping
Update time: 2014-05-19
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A 20,0000 t/y MTG plant using ICC’s catalysts realized successful start-run and full-capacity operation on Mar 3. An one-step adiabatic fixed bed reactor MTG process, jointly developed by  ICC, Saiding Engineering Co and Yunnan Coal Chemical Engineering Co, was employed in this plant which is located in Yunnan Xianfeng Chemical Engineering Co.


As the largest single set MTG equipment, this plant mainly produces high-purity gasoline. LPG, fuel gas and high-purity durene are also produced as by-products. The gasoline produced features sulfur-free, nitrogen-free, low olefins and low-benzens, which can be directly used in vehicles or mixed in gasolines produced by conventional refining technologies.


The industrialization of this technology paves a way for clean and effective utilization of low-grade coals.                                        

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